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Aircraft Accidents in Alaska

Alaska map.

Aircraft accidents in Alaska compared with all United States, years 2003 and 2004
2003 Accidents by Federal Aviation Regulations Part.
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FAR Part
FAR is an acronym that stands for Federal Aviation Regulation.  The FARs are part of the U.S. Government's Code of Federal Regulations, a portion of which govern the airworthiness, maintenance and operation of aircraft. Parts 121, 135, and 91 all concern the operation of various segments of aviation. 

Part 121 
Applies to major airlines and cargo carriers that fly large transport-category aircraft. 

Scheduled Part 135 
Applies to smaller aircraft that carry 9 or fewer passengers on regularly-scheduled routes. 

Nonscheduled Part 135 
Applies to smaller aircraft conducting on-demand operations as defined in 14 CFR 119.3 with schedules that are arranged between passengers and the operator (also known as “air taxis”) and scheduled passenger-carrying operations conducted on a limited basis. Also includes cargo planes with payload capacities of 7,500 pounds or less.

Part 91 
One segment of aircraft operations, known as general aviation, are conducted under Part 91.  General aviation refers to all aviation other than commercial  (scheduled and non-scheduled) airline operations and military aviation. For example, flights for recreation and training are generally carried out under Part 91. Although general aviation usually involves small aircraft, the definition depends on the nature of the operation not the size of the aircraft. 

2004 Accidents by Federal Aviation Regulations Part.
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