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JSC Education and Student Programs


JSC's Education and Student programs reach out to teachers and students at all levels. It offers internships, teacher workshops, classroom instructional materials and a speaker's bureau.

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Just for Kids

Just for Kids

Especially for junior space cadets, here is a list of fun space-oriented Web sites.

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JSC Fact Sheets

International Space Station

Refer to JSC's Fact Sheet Library for press kits, mission synopses, statistical information and much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of answers to the questions that are asked most often.

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Microgravity University

    Two university students with an experiment onboard the reduced gravity aircraft.
    Image above: Two visiting university students are pictured with an experiment onboard the reduced gravity aircraft as it makes one of its zero-gravity parabolas over the Gulf of Mexico. Credit: NASA, KC-135 2003

    To learn more about the Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities Program, visit

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