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Welcome to the Medicare Learning Network (MLN) - your destination for educational information for Medicare fee-for-service providers. Located in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the Medicare Learning Network is a brand name for official CMS national provider education products designed to promote national consistency of Medicare provider information developed for CMS initiatives. The Network plays a key role in furthering the Agency's culture of responsiveness. Most importantly, we are here to help you!

Medicare providers are often faced with uncertainty when it comes to keeping up with changes in Medicare policy. This is especially true since the passage of the Medicare Modernization Act - one of the most sweeping changes to affect the Medicare Program in its history. While policies are communicated through different media and by various parties, it is still hard to determine "How does this apply to me?" The Medicare Learning Network aims to solve that problem by providing a variety of training and educational materials that break down Medicare policy into plain language with actionable tips to use in your day-to-day work. 

The Medicare Learning Network uses a variety of mechanisms, such as the Internet, national educational articles, brochures, fact sheets, web-based training courses, and videos, to deliver a planned and coordinated provider education program. The Network uses these different mechanisms to provide educational opportunities that accommodate the healthcare professional's busy schedule, with the least amount of disruption to normal business functioning. Our goal is to provide you with timely, easy-to-understand educational materials to accompany the release of new or revised Medicare Program policies. 

In the Downloads section at the bottom of this page you will find links to:

  • Quarterly MLN Journal Ad – new advertisement, suitable for print and web publications, for an initiative or new product of particular interest each Quarter. 
  • MLN Products Catalog—an interactive catalog that provides descriptions and link to all MLN educational products and resources
  • Provider Call Center Toll-Free Numbers Directory—this directory offers providers information on how to contact the appropriate provider call center
  • Guidelines-MLN Product Development—this document explains the process the MLN uses in determining the educational products we develop
  • Medicare Provider Feedback Group (MPFG)--this document includes presentations from the September 20, 2006 MPFG Town Hall Meeting
  • MLN Videos – Quick and basic information about the MLN and its benefits to providers.

In the Related Links Inside CMS section at the bottom of this page, you will find links to:

  • Guided Pathways Basic Tutorial—a guided tour through the basic resources that help providers to understand and navigate the Medicare Program.  It is designed for fee-for-service providers, suppliers and other health care professionals who are new to the Medicare Program. Using a road trip simulation, Guided Pathways incorporates existing MLN education products and other CMS resources into a structured curriculum that will increase users' knowledge of the Medicare program.  Please find the link to the Guided Pathways at the bottom of the page under, Related Links Inside CMS.
  • MLN Matters Articles—a series of national articles designed to inform the physician, provider and supplier community about the latest changes to the Medicare Program
  • MLN Products—this page provides you with access to the MLN educational products including the downloadable MLN publications
  • MLN Educational Web Guides—educational web guides provide educational and informational resources related to certain Medicare Fee-For-Service initiatives
  • MLN Product Ordering Page—this page allows you to order hard copy versions of many of our products free of charge
  • Web-Based Training (WBT) Modules—this page allow you to access any of the MLN WBTs free of charge
  • CMS Mailing Lists—allows you to subscribe to any of CMS' electronic mailing  lists



Quarterly MLN Journal Ad [ZIP/JPG/PDF 4.05MB] - Updated 10/15/08

MLN Products Catalog [PDF 4.7MB] - Updated Jan 2009 

Provider Call Center Toll-Free Numbers Directory [ZIP 27KB]

CMS Electronic Mailing Lists Fact Sheet [PDF, 129KB]

Guidelines-MLN Product Development [PDF 27KB]

Medicare Provider Feedback Group (MPFG) Town Hall Meeting -- September 22, 2008 [PDF, 25KB] - Updated 09/17/08

MLN Videos - Quick and basic information about the MLN benefits and its to providers [PDF 14KB]
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Guided Pathways Basic Tutorial

MLN Matters Articles

MLN Products

MLN Educational Web Guides

MLN Product Ordering Page

Web Based Training (WBT) Modules

CMS Mailing Lists
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