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Welcome to the Medicare Learning Network (MLN) products web page:

From this page you have several options that you can use to view the products made available by the Medicare Learning Network:

  • Guided Pathways Basic Tutorial - a guided tour through the basic resources that help providers to understand and navigate the Medicare Program.  It is designed for fee-for-service providers, suppliers and other health care professionals who are new to the Medicare Program. Using a road trip simulation, Guided Pathways incorporates existing MLN education products and other CMS resources into a structured curriculum that will increase users' knowledge of the Medicare program.  Please find the link to the Guided Pathways at the bottom of the page under, Related Links Inside CMS.
  • MLN Products Catalog - the MLN Products Catalog is now an interactive downloadable document that lists all Medicare Learning Network products by media format. The catalog has been revised to provide new customer-friendly links that are embedded within the document. All product titles and the word "download" when selected, will link you to the online version of the product. The word "hard copy" when selected, will automatically link you to the MLN Product Ordering page. To access the catalog, click on the link called MLN Product Catalog.
  • MLN Product Ordering page - the MLN Product Ordering page allows you to order hard copy versions of many of our products.  These products are available to you free of charge.  To access the MLN Product Ordering page, click on the MLN Product Ordering Page link in the Related Links Inside CMS Section below.
  • MLN Publications List - the MLN Publications List contains the electronic versions of the MLN publications available for you to download free of charge.  The list can be sorted by date, format, topic or publication title.  You may also search the MLN Publications List by topic or key word. To access the MLN Publications List, click on the MLN Publications link in the left hand menu.

If you have a question about our Medicare Learning Network (MLN) products, please e-mail MLN@cms.hhs.gov.


MLN Products Catalog, Updated January 2009 [PDF 4.7MB]

Provider Call Center Toll-Free Numbers Directory [ZIP 27KB]
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