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MMA Resources for Pharmacy

Created for pharmacists by pharmacists, this web site provides useful and timely information for pharmacists about Medicare drug coverage. Here you will find many resources to help you learn about Medicare prescription drug coverage, including answers to frequently asked questions, links to regulations and guidance, and information especially for special-practice pharmacies. Click on a link to the left to learn more about Medicare drug coverage topics of special interest to pharmacies. You'll also find additional resources below about other Medicare prescription drug coverage topics, as well as other Medicare programs.

Part D Reference Guide for Pharmacists [PDF, 282KB]

Point-of-Sale Facilitated Enrollment: Four Steps for Pharmacists - Revised October 8, 2008 [PDF, 90KB]

Point-of-Sale Facilitated Enrollment: Pharmacy Tip Sheet (v.12.19.08) [PDF, 110KB]

Point-of-Sale Facilitated Enrollment: Exceptions Process - Revised February 28, 2008 [PDF, 104KB]

COB Training (Audio) – December 4, 2006 [ZIP, 29.1MB]

Enhanced E1 Tip Sheet [PDF, 58 KB]

Pharmacy Contracting Contact List [ZIP, 183 KB]

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Handling Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan Complaints [PDF, 43KB]

Standardized Part D Pharmacy Notice [Zipped.wma, 36KB]

Instructions for using the Standardized Part D Pharmacy Notice [PDF, 11KB]

Medicare Fee-for-Service Resources for Pharmacy

Pharmacy Training

Pharmacy Open Door Forum

Medicare Preventive Services

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