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Current January 2006

Guidelines for Speakers at the Open Public Hearing
of an
FDA Advisory Committee Meeting

The Food and Drug Administration encourages participation from the public during the public hearing portion of FDA advisory committee meetings.  A specific time allotment is scheduled at each of these meeting, so that individuals may have an opportunity to express their views.

If you wish to speak, please observe the following guidelines:

Please contact the designated FDA staff person if you cannot attend the open public hearing during the time scheduled and would still like to make a presentation, of if you arrive late to the meeting.  In either case, it may be possible to arrange for you to speak at another time during the meeting, to have your statement read by a representative, or to have your complete or summarized statement included in the record.   However, once the public hearing portion of the meeting has ended, further oral comments from the pubic will be accepted only if time permits and at the discretion of the FDA advisory committee chair.

Some Tips on Speaking at the Open Public Hearing

For additional information, please contact the Office of Special Health Issues at oshi@oc.fda.gov or telephone 301.827.4460.

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