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Director: James A. Kaput, Ph.D.

The Division of Personalized Nutrition and Medicine (DPNM) was established to leverage current expertise to address research needs supporting DHHS' and FDA's Strategic Goals that address personalized nutrition and medicine. DPNM utilizes modern innovative technologies and designs new approaches to identify persons most likely to benefit from, or experience adverse reactions to, particular drugs, devices, biologics, cosmetics, and nutrients. The overall goals of the Division are to develop and implement research strategies that account for genetic, environmental, and cultural diversity that influence expression of genetic make-ups and produce knowledge for improving personal and public health.

The Division has two branches—Biometry and Molecular Epidemiology.  The main function of the Biometry branch is to develop biometrical methods for all aspects of the FDA's mission, goals, and objectives. A subgroup within DPNM analyzes all data from the National Toxicology Program (NTP).  The Molecular Epidemiology branch has focused on differences that occur between men and women in the metabolism of drugs, particularly those involved in chemotherapy.

The NCTR Research Plans and Accomplishments Document contains information on the latest accomplishments and plans for the Division of Biochemical Toxicology as well as project and publication listings.

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