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Training and Development Policy

Training Policy Handbook

Academic Degree Training

Revision to Title 5 United States Code § 4107 allows training to obtain an academic degree in order to meet an identified agency training need; resolve an identified agency staffing problem; or accomplish goals in the strategic plan of the agency. The Academic Degree Training program must be part of a planned, systemic, and coordinated agency employee development program linked to accomplishing the strategic goals of the agency; and is accredited and is provided by a college or university that is accredited in accordance with Department of Education guidelines. Interim Regulations: FR Notice 2003-18, Vol. 68, No. 114, ( 6-13-2003)  ( Title 5 CFR §410.308; Pub. L. 107-296)

As an agency may select and assign an employee to academic degree training and may pay or reimburse the costs of academic degree training from appropriate or other available funds.

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