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Training and Development Policy

Training Policy Handbook

Title 5 United States Code Chapter 41

Title 5 United States Code Chapter 41 codifies the provisions of GETA, and makes available to Federal agencies a management tool for increasing efficiency and effectiveness in Government. It places responsibility for human resource development specifically with the head of each agency. The agency head is responsible for ensuring that the training needs of the organization are identified and programs established to meet those needs.

In general, authority granted by the law is sufficiently broad and flexible to enable an agency to provide whatever training is necessary to meet mission requirements.

Under the law, agencies may conduct human resource development activities full or part-time, on or off-duty, day or evening, or any necessary combination of these. Training can be provided by:

  • the agency itself;

  • another Government agency;

  • a school;

  • a manufacturer;

  • a professional association;

  • other competent persons or groups in or out of Government; and/or

  • developmental work assignments such as details, rotations, mentoring, etc.

It can be carried out by correspondence, classroom work, conferences, workshops, supervised practice, or combinations of such methods. Agencies can pay all or part of the expenses of authorized training. Payment can be made directly to the facility (in advance, if need be), or the employee can be reimbursed if attendance was authorized in advance.

Agencies Covered Under the Law

Title 5 United States Code Chapter 41 applies to the following agencies:

  • an Executive department;

  • an independent establishment;

  • a Government corporation subject to Title 31 USC Chapter 91;

  • the Library of Congress; and

  • the Government Printing Office (See 5 USC §4101(1)).

Title 5 United States Code Chapter 41 does not apply to:

  • a corporation supervised by the Farm Credit Administration if private interests elect or appoint a member of the board of directors;

  • the Tennessee Valley Authority; (Title 5 USC §4102); and

  • the U.S. Postal Service and the Postal Rate Commission, U.S. Postal Reorganization Act, Pub. L. 91-375 (1970).

Employees Covered Under the Law

Employees covered under the law include:

  • an individual employed in or under an agency covered by the law; and

  • a commissioned officer of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Based on U.S. Office of Personnel Management interpretation, part-time and temporary employees are covered by this law.

This chapter does not apply to:

  • an individual (except a commissioned officer of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) who is a member of the uniformed services during a period which he is entitled to pay under Title 37 USC § 204;

  • a member of the U.S. Foreign Service; and

  • an individual appointed by the President, unless the individual is specifically designated by the President for training. See Title 5 USC §4102