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Training and Development Policy

Training Policy Handbook

Records of Plans, Activities, and Expenditures

Training law and regulations require agencies to maintain information concerning the general conduct of agency training activities for internal management purposes and for the President and Congress to discharge effectively their respective responsibilities for supervision, control, and review of these training activities.

Agencies should maintain, in the form and manner that the agency head considers appropriate, records of the following:

  1. agency training plans (Title 5 CFR §410.302(d));

  2. training activities funded and individual employees trained (including training of Presidential appointees, academic degree training to relieve retention and recruitment problems, training to place an employee in another agency, and employees subject to continued service agreements) (Title 5 CFR §410.701);

  3. payments made for travel, tuition, fees and other necessary training expenses (Title 5 CFR §410.701);

  4. each contribution, award, or payment made and accepted by a Federal employee from a non-government source (Title 5 CFR §410.701);

  5. evaluations of the results of training and how well agency training activities met short and long-range program needs by occupations, organizations, or other appropriate groups (Title 5 CFR §410.701); and

  6. effectiveness of training assignments made through academic degree training programs (Interim regulations, 68 FR 35265, 6-13-2003).