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Training and Development Policy

Training Policy Handbook

Federally Mandated Training

Mandatory training for all employees Governmentwide. This includes training mandated by federal statute or regulation; such as in the areas of computer security awareness (Title 5 CFR §930.301-305), ethics (Title 5 CFR §2638.703 and 704), or executives, managerial, and supervisory, (Title 5 CFR Part 412).

Computer Security Awareness Training

The importance of computer security to the agency, employees' role and responsibility in computer security, and basic agency computer security policies and procedures is a part of the periodic computer security training required by the Computer Security Act of 1987, Pub. L. 100-235 (1988).

Title 5 CFR 930.301-305 requires the head of each agency to provide initial, continuing, and refresher training at the awareness level, policy level, implementation level and performance level for executives, program and functional managers, information resources managers, security and audit personnel, automated data processing management, operations, and programming staff, and end users.

Ethics Training

Title 5 CFR §2638.703(b) requires that each new agency employee be provided, within 90 days of the date of his or her entrance on duty, the ethics materials specified in Title 5 CFR §2638.703(a). Agencies must also provide new employees with a minimum of one hour of duty time to either review these materials or receive ethics training.

Title 5 CFR §2638.704(a) requires that agencies provide employees an annual ethics training and the briefing must meet content requirements under Title 5 CFR §2638.704(c). Agencies must provide employees a minimum of one hour of duty time to receive annual ethics training.

Executives, Managers, and Supervisors

Office of Personnel Management (OPM) established guidelines as of September 12, 2006, to ensure the ongoing leadership capacity of the Federal workforce and to assist agencies in meeting several managerial development objectives. The guideline reflects and supports, several related efforts focused on Governmentwide leadership. For additional information see Guidelines for Managerial Development Memorandum.

Title 5 CFR Part 412 requires agencies to systematically develop executives, managers, supervisors, and candidates for these positions. Agency programs must provide for:

  1. initial training for incumbents based on the results of needs assessments;

  2. continuing learning experiences, so that the individual may achieve the mastery level of proficiency for his or her current management level and position; and

  3. systematic development of candidates for higher management levels, including any U.S. Office of Personnel Management approved formal Senior Executive Service candidate development programs.