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  FDA Heart Health Online --  Your Source for FDA Information about Living with Cardiovascular Disease.


Treatments for Cardiovascular Disease

About Cardiovascular Disease Treatments

Treatments for cardiovascular disease help reduce symptoms and prevent additional complications. Your doctor will decide which treatments are best for you after reviewing your current condition, your medical history, and your risk factors.

Learn more about specific treatments using the links below.
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Browse cardiovascular drug categories or search for specific information on prescription, over-the-counter, brand-name, and generic drugs.

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Surgeries and Procedures

Browse invasive and non-invasive treatment options.

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Medical Devices

Browse general information about cardiovascular devices or search for specific equipment, implants, and medical tests.

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Lifestyle Changes

Find information on lifestyle changes including steps to manage cardiovascular risk factors and adopt healthy lifestyles.

Updated February 27th, 2004

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