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Recruitment & Selection

Senior Level Positions

The Senior Level (SL) personnel system was established by the Federal Employees Pay Comparability Act of 1990 (FEPCA) to replace GS-16, 17, and 18 of the General Schedule.

Criteria: The SL system is for non-executive positions above GS-15 that do not meet the criteria for the SES, nor do they involve the fundamental research and development responsibilities that are characteristic of the Scientific or Professional (ST) system. Examples include a high level special assistant or a senior attorney in a highly-specialized field who is not a manager, supervisor, or policy advisor.

Supervisory Duties: SL positions may include some supervisory and related managerial duties, provided that these duties occupy less than 25 percent of the incumbent's time. Positions in which supervisory and managerial work constitutes 25 percent or more of the incumbent's time almost always meet the criteria for SES positions.

Competitive Status: SL positions are in the competitive service unless excepted from the competitive service under statute or regulations.

Space Requirement: Executive agencies must have an SL space allocation from OPM before filling an SL position.

Pay: The base pay range for SL positions is between 120 percent of GS-15/1 and Executive Schedule IV. SL employees also receive locality pay. Base pay and locality pay for SL employees is capped at Executive Schedule III.