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Recruitment & Selection

Qualifications Review Board

Qualifications Review Boards (QRBs) are OPM-administered independent boards of senior executives that assess the executive core qualifications of SES candidates. They must certify that an SES candidate has the broad leadership skills to be successful in a variety of SES positions.

QRB members are volunteers, and we urge all Senior Executives to participate -- especially women and minorities. QRB service gives SES members the opportunity to monitor the appointment of new career executives and shape the future of the corps. Board members report that the experience broadens their view of Government programs, gives them invaluable insight into the importance of the Executive Core Qualifications, and renews their pride in the quality of the Government's executive corps. Experience as a QRB member is one way to help build an SES corps of strong leaders who reflect the great diversity of America. We routinely schedule QRB members through agency human resources offices. But, if you're interested in serving on a QRB or learning more, you can contact us directly at 202-606-2246. Learn more about the QRB process. The future of the SES is the responsibility of its members. Please do your part in shaping that future - VOLUNTEER TO BE A QRB MEMBER.