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U.S. Office of Personnel Management - Ensuring the Federal Government has an effective civilian workforce

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Theodore Roosevelt

"Government jobs belong to the American people, not politicians and shall be filled only with regard to public service."

Theodore Roosevelt


"The government is us." "Government jobs belong to the American people, not to politicians, and should be filled only with regard to public service."

"It seems to me that this system is particularly in accord with the American love of common sense and fair play for all."

"I have made the Commission a living fore, and in consequence the outcry among the spoilsmen has become furious...But I answered militantly that as long as I was responsible, the law should be enforced up to handle everywhere, fearlessly and honesty."

"Our system can rightly be called...the merit system, for we emphatically demand that all employees with the Government shall be honest, decent men of good moral standing..."

"No political influence will help you in the least..."

"During my term of office, I have seen the classified merit system grow to more than double the size it was six years ago... year by year the law has been better spite of occasional exceptions."

"The work of the Commission is now progressing so well, and its position is established so firm as basis, that I feel there is no doubt as to the future of the cause."