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Federal Employment Statistics

Federal Employment Statistics Profile of Federal Civilian Non-Postal Employees  
September 30, 2006


The "typical Federal civilian employee" is a topic of frequent interest for the news media, businesses, private citizens and organizations. This factsheet lists the summary statistics often requested for speeches, letters and reports. (Data are for total on-board employment (i.e., all work schedules) unless otherwise indicated and may differ from other releases due to coverage "e.g., agency, work schedule, tenure" and as-of dates.) If you have any questions, please call the Office of Communications at 202-606-1800.

Demographic Characteristics
Age 46.9 years average for full-time permanent employees
Length of Service 16.3 years average for full-time permanent employees
Retirement Eligibility 36.5% of full-time permanents covered under Civil Service Retirement (excluding hires since January 1984)
Education Level 43.1% have Bachelor's Degree or higher degree
Gender 55.9% men and 44.1% women
Race and National Origin 32.1% minority group members: 17.2% Black, 7.4% Hispanic, 5.0% Asian, .205 Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander, 2.1% Native American
Disability Status 6.8% have disabilities
Veterans Preference 22.3% have veterans preference (10.0% are Vietnam Era veterans)
Retired Military 5.7% of total: 1.1% officers and 4.6% enlisted personnel
Job Characteristics
Full-Time Permanents Average Annual Base Salary (adjusted to include locality pay) $66,371 worldwide; $86,444 in Washington, DC-MD-VA-WV Core Based Statistical Area
General Schedule Grade 9.8 average grade; 11.7 in Washington, DC-MD-VA-WV Core Based Statistical Area
Pay System 70.3% General Schedule, 11.0% wage systems, and 18.5% others
Work Schedule 93.5% full-time, 3.5% part-time and 2.8% intermittent
Tenure 91.1% permanent appointments; 88.1% full-time permanent appointments
Occupation and Category 88.9% White-Collar (24% Professional, 34.5% Administrative, 30.2% Technical, Clerical, Other), 11.0% Blue-Collar
Supervisory Status 11.4% Supervisors and Managers
Service (Position Occupied) 71.5% Competitive, 28.4% Excepted, and Senior Executive Service
Agency 36.0% Department of Defense, 12.9% Homeland Security, and  9.1% Department of Veterans Affairs
Geographic Location 97.2% USA and 15.1% Washington, DC-MD-VA-WV Core Based Statistical Area
Retirement Plan 20.7% Civil Service Retirement (including 0.3% in special plan for law enforcement and firefighter personnel, 2.1% Civil Service Retirement and Social Security), 73.9% Federal Employees Retirement System and Social Security, 5.2% Social Security only, 0.18% Foreign Service Retirement or other system, 0.07% none.
Life Insurance 94.7% eligible for Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance: 11.9% waived, 31.2% have basic coverage and 51.6% have more than basic coverage
Employment in This Profile 1,852,825 Total; 1,633,000 Full-Time Permanent
Data Source:

U.S. Office of Personnel Management's Central Personnel Data File (CPDF).  CPDF covers all Federal civilian employees except Members and employees of Congress, Architect of the Capitol, Botanic Garden, Library of Congress, General Accounting Office, Congressional Budget Office, John C. Stennis Center for Public Service Training and Development, Office of Compliance, U.S. Court of Appeals to Veterans Claims, Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, Judicial Branch, White House Office, Office of the Vice President, Office of Policy Development, Federal Reserve Board, Tennessee Valley Authority, U.S. Postal Service, Postal Rate Commission, Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Imagery and Mapping Agency, Army/Air Force Exchange Service, Defense Consolidated Metropolitan Technical Personnel Center, Defense Career Management and Support Agency, Public Health Service's Commissioned Corps, and foreign nationals employed overseas.

Data from the Central Personnel Data File

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