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Training and Development Policy

Training Legislative and Policy Committee

Committee Purpose

The purpose of the Legislative and Policy Committee is to reflect the Office of Personnel Management's (OPM) commitment to promote Learning and Development (LD) within the Federal government. The committee is to act as a conduit between OPM and other agencies, to represent the training and development needs, and to act as promoter of those needs. This will occur by actively representing the needs of the agencies; establishing strategic goals and objectives; building strategic partners, and fostering collaboration.

Committee Mission

In alignment with OPM.

Subcommittee Goals

Each goal represents the focal point for each of the six subcommittees.

  1. Define HRD profession and desired future state (Role of HRD)
  2. Communication/Sharing/Collaboration/Partnering
  3. Performance Measurement/Evaluation
  4. Learning Standards / Learning Continuum/ Workforce Succession Planning/ Strategic Management Human Capital (SMHC)
  5. Technology and Distance Learning
  6. Legislative and Policy/ Knowledge Management

What's New?

Content for the What's New section will be identified by committee chairs and provided to Loretta Reeves.


Contact our Office.

Committee Resources

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