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Training and Development Policy


The following are some of the publications OPM has developed to support the Federal Human Resource Development (HRD) community. Please check back periodically for additions or updates.

  • Training Needs Assessment Handbook
    This handbook assists you and your agency in planning and implementing effective needs assessment system. It provides practical guidance, models, tools, and strategies to help you link your HRD functions to your agency's mission and goals. Contact us for a copy.

  • Training Policy Handbook
    This handbook covers the essential legal information needed for human resource development professionals and managers to make decisions on the management and implementation of training programs for agency personnel. The information presented is general in nature and must be interpreted within the context of individual agency policies and circumstances.
    PDF version of this report PDF Document [446 KB]

  • Guide for Collection and Management of Training InformationPDF Document [430 KB]
    The Guide for Collection and Management of Training Information (the Guide) purpose is to provide the most up-to-date information on required and suggested training data elements. The Guide was developed to assist human resources (HR) professionals and agency program managers who have the responsibility to collect and report on training activities.