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Articles on Improving Science Teaching

Journal of College Science Teaching article: “Moving Research Into the Classroom"
There is a lot of agreement that a research experience is an essential element in motivating students to research careers; however, the number of openings in active, funded research labs may be a limiting factor. There may be other venues to introduce students to the joys and benefits of research. This article offers an idea worth considering as an alternative or possibly a complement to existing opportunities in active research labs.

Life Sciences Education article: "Routes to Research for Novice Undergraduate Neuroscientists"
This article evaluates a 10-week summer experience comparing the typical apprentice model with a structured group learning model. This may be another way to expand the research experiences of undergraduates because placements in even well-funded labs are tight.

Science Magazine article: "Teaching Scientific Inquiry"
This article discusses a phage discovery project at the University of Pittsburgh, which showed that discovery learning can even be extended to high school students.

Reinvention Center article: "Undergraduate Research Centers: A Model for Incorporating Research into the Mainstream Science Curriculum"

This article discusses a new approach for teaching the science of chemistry to freshmen/sophomore level students by introducing an authentic research experience into mainstream course laboratories.

This page last updated November 19, 2008