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Why Appoint Veterans?

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Ready Supply of Needed Skills: Transitioning veterans are ready to supply the very skills the Federal Government needs. This talent pool can be a particularly effective match with agencies needing to fill technology-based positions and those helping to defend the homeland.

Besides the discipline and work ethic that military service instills, transitioning veterans have technical skills in areas of critical importance: computers, communications, security, information gathering, and medical technology. Many already hold required security clearances for some Federal positions.

Work and Service Ethic: Transitioning veterans are eager to serve. The Department of Defense hires veterans for civilian positions at the highest rate of any Federal civilian employer, frequently because veterans are prepared to stay with the Government as an employer.

Hiring veterans is a win/win situation: veterans will find, in the words of Senator John McCain (Arizona), "the jobs of a lifetime." With veterans appointing authorities, agencies can quickly hire people with talent.

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