Instructions to Reimbursable Sponsors

1. Contractual Arrangements

A. General

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is a Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC), sponsored by NASA, that conducts programs in space science and other scientific areas specified or approved by NASA. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory is operated for NASA by the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Caltech is a private non-profit educational institution chartered under the laws of the State of California and is not an agent of the Government.

FFRDC's are restricted from using their privileged access to information and facilities to compete with the private sector. An FFRDC may not compete with non-FFRDC's in response to a federal agency solicitation.

B. Contractual Information

Under NASA Contract NAS7-03001, Caltech performs research and development tasks and operates JPL for NASA. The contract also allows a limited amount of research and development work to be performed for non-NASA sponsors (including other Government agencies and commercial entities). All work that NASA agrees to accept on a reimbursable basis under NAS7-03001 for performance at its FFRDC must be within the scope of work and terms and conditions of NAS7-03001, as determined by the NASA Contracting Officer.

While Caltech is responsible for preparation of proposals and execution of assigned tasks under the contract, agreements sending work to JPL are consummated between NASA (NMO) and the sponsor.

Contract NAS7-03001 is a Cost Reimbursable Award Fee type contract. All allowable, allocable costs incurred are billed to the Government on a 100% reimbursable basis. The costs to be charged for the proposed work must be consistent with contractual provisions and established procedures for costing under the current contract between NASA and Caltech.

Activities contemplating requesting work to be performed at JPL should know that:

  1. All JPL work is done on a "best efforts" cost reimbursement basis, and
  2. NASA will administer the contractual work effort on the sponsors behalf under our existing contract's terms.

Once contact with JPL technical personnel has established that JPL has a capability you need, there are three basic elements to having work performed at JPL:

  1. Is the JPL proposed effort acceptable as written? (If not, negotiate technical changes with JPL)
  2. Accept NASA's contract terms as basis for getting your work accomplished
  3. Provide funding as described below.

C. Funding

In accordance with current procedures between NASA and Caltech, funding of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory is accomplished as follows. The sponsor can issue an order or other reimbursable agreement directly to the NASA Contracting Officer listed below for NAS7-03001. The order must acknowledge that the work to be performed shall be under the terms and conditions of NAS7-03001. Any orders that contain terms and conditions that are outside the scope of the NASA contract may be rejected by NASA. The order should be addressed to the NASA Contracting Officer for Contract NAS7-03001 as follows:

National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASA Management Office - JPL
M/S 180-802
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109

Attention: Mr. Robert Democh
Contracting Officer

NOTE: Mr. Democh may be contacted at (818) 354-6050 or by email

To prevent delays in the processing and acceptance of the order, it is essential that the following information be included in each order.

1. The source of Federal funds identified by grant or contract number and appropriation information when the order contemplates Federal funding.

2. The reimbursable cost of work done for non-federal public agencies or the private sector shall be on an advanced payment basis with very limited exceptions. Please contract the Contracting Officer for more information.

3. The individual or office to whom invoices are to be submitted.

4. The name, title, address and telephone number of the sponsor's proposed technical manager.

5. The name , title, address and telephone number for the cognizant sponsor's contracting officer for this effort.

6. A statement as to whether your organization has or plans to solicit or accept proposals for substantially the same effort from private industrial, commercial or other profit-making organizations.

7. For Government Agency sponsored work, a Determination and Findings document written in accordance with FAR 35.017-3(b), "Using an FFRDC," signed by an appropriate official.

8. If performance of this proposed task requires procurement of Automated Data Processing Equipment (ADPE) for another federal Government agency, a written statement of compliance with applicable statutory and regulatory restrictions may be required by NASA prior to placement of the task order.

The agreement or order may include a Statement of Work which delineates the work to be accepted by NASA and performed by JPL. However, the Statement of Work must be consistent with the terms and conditions of NAS7-03001 and the JPL task plan. If there is disagreement between JPL and a sponsor over the language in the JPL task plan, please negotiate the differences with JPL. If the differences are not resolved, the sponsor may contact the NASA Contracting Officer. The agreement or order should reference the JPL task plan number and date.

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