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Search Using Your Most Recent Preferences Help Page

This feature of the NASA Internet Acquisition Service (NAIS) allows you to store search preferences that remain active for 30 days.
To use this feature,

  1. Go to the NAIS Synopsis Search Page and select your search preferences. These preferences will be saved in a cookie on your hard drive for 30 days.
  2. You may repeat the search anytime within the next 30 days using these saved preferences by clicking Search Using Your Most Recent Preferences. This link appears throughout NAIS adjacent to the Synopsis Search link. Each time you repeat this search, your 30-day countdown starts over.
  3. To change your saved preferences, simply go back to the Synopsis Search and select your new search preferences. These preferences will overwrite your previous preferences and will be saved for 30 days.

Additional Help Using Key Word or Phrase

Enter the key word or phrase for which you want to search in the referenced box.

"simplified for small purchases"
"set-aside for small business set-asides"
"3236" (or your specific SIC code)
Note that this search is not case sensitive. Therefore, searching for "get" will match "get", "Get", "GET", "getaway", "forget", and "forgetful".
So, if you want to match on a specific word, enter a space before and after the word, such as " get " (without the quotes).

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Last revised: 04 November 2003 by DLE