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Purchasing Products & Services

It's quite easy to do business with OPM. We can serve the human resource needs of all publicly funded organizations.

For example, our Service Branches and Customer Service Sections have already entered into agreements with all U.S. Executive Branch Departments, more than 30 federal agencies and more than 10 state and local governments. We are flexible in our agreement process and want to help you choose the form you would like this process to take.

Typical Agreement Types:

  • Custom Packages of Products

    OPM representatives will be glad to sit down with you and put together a tailored package of products/services that fit your specific requirements. One agreement for the entire package, rather than for the individual products, minimizes the resources required to process the agreement.

  • Drawdown Contracts

    With this type of agreement, the customer estimates yearly requirements for our products or services in advance. Only one agreement is written, signed, and processed. Then as the requirements occur, a simple work order is sent to one of our centers to initiate services. Many of our customers prefer this agreement type because it minimizes paperwork on recurring needs for standard services or products.

  • Single Service or Product Purchases

    Of course, we are always happy to help you with single service or product purchases, including finding easier ways to process the financial paperwork.

Payment Methods:

  • Credit Card

    We can take a credit card for purchases of less than $10,000. This is the easiest method, ideal for those single service or product purchases, and saves your organization time and staff resources, too.

    Using a credit card offers the following benefits:

  • No financial forms to fill out, process, and reconcile
  • No mailing or delivery of documents
    Interagency Agreement Forms
    When a hard copy file is required, we can use either your own form or our OPM Form 1616.

As long as we have the critical elements (financial data, period of performance, statement of services, etc.) and signatures, your form will work for us.

Either way, we will work with you to complete the major part of the agreement, leaving only financial data and signatures to gather.

Select this link to see a listing of nationwide OPM contacts.

Other Products and Services