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Training and Development Policy

IT Exchange Program (ITEP)
Written Agreement Requirements

Before a detail begins, the agency and private sector organization must enter into a written agreement with the individual(s) detailed. The written agreement must be a three-party agreement between the Federal agency (agency head or designee), the individual (private sector or Federal), and the private sector organization.

Federal agencies should use their own form for recording the agreement. The specific content of the agreement may vary according to the assignment. The written agreement must include, but is not limited to, the following elements:

Detailee Information.

Name, home address, type of appointment (if civil service), salary, title, business address, e-mail, and phone, supervisor's name, title, business address, e-mail, and phone.

Federal Agency and Private Sector Organization that are parties to the agreement.

Agency and private sector organization-name, business address, responsible official, phone, e-mail, etc. These parties may be different than the actual supervisor of the detailee.

Detail Description and Duration.

The assignment goals or objectives, and a description of the nature of the duties/project/work to be completed, assignment dates, and the terms on which extensions may be granted.

Requirement for Individual Development Plan.

This plan will describe the core IT competencies and technical skills that the detailee will be expected to enhance or acquire.


Indicate whether the detailee will be supervised by a Federal or private sector employee (name, title, business address, and phone), and describe the supervision.

Continued Service.

This section will have a statement for continued service (for Federal employees) for a period equal to the length of the detail, including extensions) after completion of the detail. It will also provide for reimbursement of all expenses of the detail if detailee elects to terminate the detail (except for good and sufficient reason as determined by the agency head from which assigned).

Terminating the Agreement.

The detail may be terminated by the agency or private sector organization concerned for any reason at any time. (Indicate what procedures are necessary to terminate a detail.)

Return Rights.

Federal employees detailed under the ITEP are guaranteed return rights to their agency, not to a specific position, after participation in program. (Indicate how the increased IT skills, competencies, etc. gained by the employee during the detail will be utilized by the agency upon the employee's return.)

Obligations and Responsibilities.

All parties' obligations and responsibilities as described in 5 U.S.C. 3702 through 3704.

Parties to the Agreement.

Signatures by the host organization (Federal/Private), the detailee, and the sponsoring organization (Federal/Private).

Optional Items that the Parties to an Agreement May Wish to Consider

Assignment Mentor(s).

Mentors may be assigned for the detailee to facilitate introductions and learning opportunities, help mitigate issues that may arise, keep the detailee informed of circumstances and news at place of detail and/or within the host organization, etc. Identify private sector and/or agency mentors (name, title, business address, and phone).

Administrative Matters.

Precise information on employee benefits and employer obligations in effect for the duration of the detail (pay, reporting, requesting time off, etc).

Cost Sharing Arrangement.

Who (Federal agency or private sector organization) will bear which costs for the detail (some, part, or none), and how appropriate reimbursements are to be made. Assignment of cost responsibility should be decided on a case-by-case basis. Private sector hosts may not supplement Federal salary and benefits. Costs to be included in this section may include background investigations and security clearances, moving expenses, temporary quarters, local/non-local travel expenses, expenses for training and other developmental opportunity participation, etc.

Conflict of Interest.

Assurances of no conflict of interest (with written details/signatures as appropriate). Topics should include recusal by Federal and private sector detailees in matters in which their agency or company may have interests and inappropriate use by Federal or private sector employees of agency or company perks. Agency Ethics Officials should advise and make final determinations on potential conflicts of interest.

Close-out Reporting and Evaluation.

Preparation of written comments on the nature of the detail, how it was completed, including results and benefits actually gained, and whether any changes are suggested for future ITEP details.

Agreement Modifications. Any significant changes in an employee's duties, responsibilities, work assignment location or supervisory relationships should be duly recorded as a modification to the original agreement. The written agreement for each employee must always be accurate, complete, and current. Minor changes such as salary increases due to annual pay adjustments, changes in benefits due to revised coverage, and very short-term changes in duties do not require a modification to the original agreement.