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Training and Development Policy

IT Exchange Program (ITEP)
Agency Plan Requirements

Before detailing agency employees or receiving private sector employees under this program, an agency must establish an Information Technology Exchange Program Plan. The plan must include, but is not limited to, the following elements:

Authority to Approve Details:

Designation of the agency officials with authority to review and approve details. (i.e. Agency Head, Chief Information Officer, Chief Human Capital Officer, Human Resources Director, other)

IT Workforce Needs:

Estimated number of candidates needed, both private sector and Federal employees, to address IT skill and competency needs within the agency.

Note: An agency may determine these numbers based on:

  • IT Workforce Capability Assessment results.
  • OPM and/or OMB Human Capital Planning for IT guidance.
  • Proud-to-Be 3 milestones.
  • Designated important job activities.
  • Other appropriate methodology.

Selection of Employees for Detail:

Criteria for the selection of agency employees for a detail under the ITEP. At a minimum, the agency plan must address:

  • How details will be announced to all eligible employees. (This is not intended to be a formal vacancy announcement; agencies have the flexibility to announce these opportunities less formally. For example, an e-mail announcing the detail could be sent to all eligible employees.)
  • Eligibility requirements. (i.e. Grade, special skills, etc.)
  • The nomination process. Organizational nomination, self nomination, or both. Plan should also include requirement for supervisor endorsement.
  • The process for forwarding nominations to designated agency reviewing and approving official for final selection.

Exceptional Employees:

When selecting exceptional employees for the ITEP, designated agency officials must consider:

  • The extent to which the employee's current competencies and skills are being utilized in the agency.
  • The employee's capability to learn skills and acquire competencies needed in the agency.
  • The benefits to the agency which would result from selecting the employee for detail.

Return Rights:

At the end of the detail, a Federal employee is guaranteed a return to his/her previous agency.

Continuing Service Agreements:

Federal employees participating in the ITEP must return to Federal service for a period of time equal to the length of the detail including any extensions.

Documentation and Recordkeeping:

Reconstruction of each detail is required to meet agency semiannual reporting requirements to OPM. (The written agreement may contain the required documentation.)