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DATE::  June 12, 2000


The Office of Personnel Management's Office of Labor and Employee Relations (OLER) is required by section 25(a) of Executive Order 11491, as amended, and section 7135(b) of title 5, United States Code, to implement technical advice and information programs for the agencies. One means for accomplishing this mandate is the Labor Agreement Information Retrieval System (LAIRS).

The LAIRS System

LAIRS is a searchable computer-based data bank containing current information on labor-management relations in the Federal Government. It includes representational data on all bargaining units certified by the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA), the texts of many Federal sector collective bargaining agreements, and selected publications by the Office of Labor and Employee Relations.

LAIRS Requirements

OPM requires agencies to furnish OPM, on a regular basis, copies of their Federal sector negotiated collective bargaining agreements and representational data. OLER is requesting the following from Federal agencies:

  1. Submission of form 913B upon certification, clarification, or decertification by the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) of a bargaining unit in either electronic or fax format. When a bargaining unit is certified or clarified by the FLRA, the agency should report that information to OPM for the purpose of receiving a Bargaining Unit Status (BUS) code. The BUS code is necessary for OPM to track and report information in the LAIRS database. The BUS code is also necessary for agencies to process personnel actions and report to OPM's Central Personnel Data File. Agencies are to attach copies of supporting documentation issued by the FLRA, which may be faxed. (Copies of form 913B are available for downloading from OPM's web page at www.opm.gov/lmr/913b_794.htm

  2. Submission of electronic copies of current collective bargaining agreements for each bargaining unit, if not already in the LAIRS data base. Agencies are to include form 913B reflecting current data relevant to each collective bargaining agreement.

LAIRS Modernization

OLER is utilizing state-of-the-art document storage and retrieval technology to improve the capabilities of LAIRS to serve the needs of Federal agencies, labor organizations, Congress, the Administration, academia, and the general public in a timely and efficient manner.

As part of this modernization process, we are requesting that Federal agencies provide us with electronic copies of their current collective bargaining agreements. Agencies may email the 913Bs and collective bargaining agreements to lairs@opm.gov. Supporting documentation may be faxed to LMR at (202) 606-2613. Agencies without email capabilities may send electronic versions on a 3.5" computer disk to: Office of Labor and Employee Relations/LAIRS, Office of Personnel Management, Room 7H28, 1900 E Street, NW, Washington, DC 20415.

Internet Access to LAIRS

Agencies, labor organizations, and the public may access LAIRS through the OPM internet site at www.opm.gov/lmr/lairs.htm. Requests for assistance and information from LAIRS may be made by contacting the Office of Labor and Employee Relations, Labor-Management Relations Division at lairs@opm.gov, by phone at (202) 606-2930, or by fax at (202) 606-2613.

Questions regarding this advisory should be directed to this office.

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