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DATE::  December 3, 1997

SUBJECT:  Labor-Management Relations Advisories

This memo establishes and explains the Labor-Management Relations Advisory memo system of the Office of Personnel Management's Center for Partnership and Labor-Management Relations.

Many labor-management relations-related issues may be adequately covered by short memorandum advisories. Such information may include regulatory modifications, new procedures for OPM's internal operations,and reports clarifying other matters affecting labor-management relations. To provide labor-management relations specialists with information about those aspects affecting Federal labor-management relations, OPM will be issuing, on a nonscheduled basis, advisories that are designed to convey information in a more timely and flexible manner. However, because these memos will not lend themselves to full discussion of the selected topic, they will not, for the most part, be used for the purpose of transmitting policy, unless so stated.

The major purpose of the advisory memos is to provide labor-management relations professionals a brief overview of issues affecting labor relations. The advisories will in most cases be transmitted to the IAG Network on Partnership and Labor-Management Relations (Network). Representatives to the Network are encouraged to further transmit these advisories throughout their organizations.

OPM intends to fully utilize electronic mail and fax for distribution. The advisory system will be numbered in the following manner: the first two digits will indicate the calendar year of issuance, and the numbers following the hyphen will indicate the order in which the advisories have been issued during that year. For example, Labor-Management Relations Advisory # 98-3 will mean that the advisory was issued in 1998 and that it is the third issuance of that year.

We hope that you will find the advisories a useful source of information and guidance.

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