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Federal Employment Statistics

Guide to Human Resources Reporting

Federal agencies should rely on this guide to prepare human resources (HR), payroll and training data files. Agencies are responsible for regularly submitting their data files to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), and OPM will then load the data into its Enterprise Human Resources Integration (EHRI) data repository.  Note that notices of updates to the EHRI guide are sent to the Central Personnel Data File (CPDF) mailing list.  To join or leave the mailing list, go to the CPDF archive at and select “Join or leave the list…” (near the top of the page).

Version 4.0 dated June 8, 2007. A summary of revisions appears at the beginning of each Chapter.

Full Table of Contents

PDF formatted Document [28KB]

Chapter 1 General Information

PDF formatted Document [36KB]

Chapter 2 HR Interface Processing

PDF formatted Document [561KB]

Chapter 3 Payroll Interface Processing

PDF formatted Document [525KB]

Chapter 4 Training Interface Processing

PDF formatted Document [225KB]

Chapter 5 Military Service Deposit Interface Processing

PDF formatted Document [99KB]

Chapter 6 Transfer Methodology

PDF formatted Document [25KB]

Chapter 7 Error Handling of HR, Payroll and Training Files

PDF formatted Document [30KB]

Appendix A Reference Code Values

PDF formatted Document [456KB]

Appendix B Acronym List

PDF formatted Document [21KB]

Appendix C File Format Release Notes

PDF formatted Document [1050KB]

Appendix D OPM Contact Information

PDF formatted Document [25KB]