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About our FLSA Claim Decisions

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This highlighted link will take you to the beginning of our FLSA Claim Decisions Table which lists decisions in order by the occupational series code of the claimaint, or you may use our search engine to find decisions that may be of interest to you.

Earlier Decisions. Earlier FLSA claim decisions are not available electronically but paper copies may be obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. Submit the request to Classification Appeals and FLSA Programs, Office of Personnel Management, 1900 E Street, NW., Room 7677, Washington, DC 20415-6000. The request should state that it is a Freedom of Information Act request and describe the requested decisions by occupational series and grade(s), the time period, and if applicable, the agency. For example, all decisions for GS-0318 positions at grades 6 and 7 in the Department of Agriculture from 1998 to the present.

How NOT to Use Our FLSA Claim Decisions -- The FLSA claim decisions posted on these pages do not substitute for application of our FLSA regulations and are not "case law." These decisions should not be used as the basis for other FLSA claims because these decisions do not provide enough information for direct application in other FLSA claims.

Cautions -- These decisions are provided with the following cautionary notes.

  • You must keep in mind that the decisions are taken out of context. The claim file is not provided to supplement the decision.

  • Each decision relates to a specific position and may not provide an appropriate basis for extrapolation to other positions.

  • Each decision provides an interpretation of our FLSA exemption criteria and regulations that we believe are appropriate for the circumstances of the claim in question. This interpretation may not be appropriate for other claims given different ways similar work is accomplished and the specific conditions associated with the work of the position being considered.

Deleted Information -- Some information, such as the claimant's name and organizational information that might identify the claimant, in these FLSA claim decisions has been withheld under exemption 6 of the Freedom of Information Act (section 552(b)(6) of title 5, United States Code). Exemption 6 allows information in personnel and medical files to be withheld if disclosing the information would be a "clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy." Text in brackets indicates where information has been withheld under this exemption, for example [claimant's name] or [claimant's supervisor].

FLSA Claim Decision Numbers -- An OPM decision number identifies decisions. The 9-position decision number is made up of F (for FLSA), the 4-digit occupational series of the claimant's position, the claimant's grade, and the decision number for that particular series and grade, for example, F-0802-11-02 is the second decision we issued for a claimant who was a GS-802-11 Engineering Technician.

Order of Decisions -- The decisions in the FLSA Decisions Table are listed in order by occupational series and within series by grade.

Questions -- Because of the detailed information required and the fact finding and analysis work we must do in an FLSA claim case, we cannot respond to specific questions about your individual situation. Specific questions about your pay or leave entitlement, including FLSA matters, should be addressed to your agency's servicing human resources office. General questions about federal pay and leave policies and programs should be sent to If you have general questions about a particular FLSA issue, please contact the Office of Personnel Management office serving your area. This highlighted link will take you to the address for Federal employee FLSA claims filed with OPM. 

You may not submit an FLSA claim electronically

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