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Pay Administration


Fact Sheets

Pay Administration
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Federal Wage System
Nonforeign Area Cost-Of-Living Allowances

Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Pay

Special Rates

Special Rate Requests

Back Pay

OPM's Computation of Back Pay Interest Program
Quarterly Interest Rates Used for Computation of Back Pay

 Pay Caps 

2009 Biweekly Caps on Premium Pay
Maximum GS Pay Limitations

Fair Labor Standards Act

Fair Labor Standards Act and Federal Employees


Extension of Locality Payments to Non-General Schedule EmployeesPDF version. [68 KB]

Pay Structure of the Federal Civil Service

Laws, Regulations, Policies, Guidance

Memoranda on Pay and Leave Policies

Salary Tables and Related Information

The Pay Policy Bulletin Board

Pay Policy Updates:

Recruitment, Relocation, and Retention Incentives
"The 3-R's"

OPM Pay Administration

The Office of Personnel Management provides Governmentwide leadership by developing and maintaining Governmentwide regulations and policies on pay administration, including basic pay setting, locality pay, special rates, back pay, pay limitations, premium pay, grade and pay retention, severance pay, recruitment, relocation, and retention incentives, and cost-of-living allowances (COLA). However, each Federal agency is responsible for administering the appropriate pay policies and programs for its own employees.

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