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Work Life

Help Using This Site

The Work/Life website has been divided into broad topical categories:

News and Information: Announcements and information about new, recent, and upcoming events and programs.  

Family: Information, guidance and resources related to children, families, and community. 

Health and Wellness: Information, guidance and resources related to physical and mental health.

Workplace Flexibility: Information, guidance, and resources related to policies and programs that enable workplace flexibility, including telework, schedules, leave, and performance management.

Official Documents: Our handbooks and guides are available under each pertinent program area, but are also listed under "Handbooks & Guides".

Navigating Around Our Site

There are multiple ways to navigate. Under the OPM banner on each page you will notice "breadcrumb navigation" labeled "You are here," which tells you where you are. Select any segment of it to trace your path backwards in the site hierarchy. Don't forget your browser's "BACK" button, especially when links take you into another area of the OPM website or off our site entirely.

On each page past the main Work/Life page, the main page headings become navigation buttons immediately under the "Work/Life" banner, so that you can reach any of those main topics from every page on the site. The sub-categories become navigation links on the left of the screen. 

Need Help?

"Contact Us" will bring you to a page with our e-mail information from anywhere in the website. If you have any questions or comments about the site, or need information about any of the Work/Life program areas, please feel free to contact us.