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Retirement Information & Services

Post-Retirement FAQ


The “Post Retirement” section of the website provides information useful to retirees and their families.  There are many events in a retiree’s life that might affect their benefits.  You can learn about them through these "Frequently Asked Questions" as well as the "Post Retirement" section of the website available from the navigation bar above.

New Retiree – Provides information frequently requested by new retirees including changing health and life insurance options, COLAs, annuity payments, and taxable portions of annuity.

Family Benefits – Here are frequently asked questions and answers about survivor benefit elections, court-ordered benefits, and children's benefits.

Benefit Adjustments - Informs about changes to annuity such as COLAs, Social Security, disability retirements, re-employment, and life insurance.

Cost of Living Adjustments - Here are frequently asked questions and answers about Cost-of-Living Adjustments to retirement benefits.

Death Benefits – Covers the various types of monthly and lump sum benefits due from the death of retirees, and survivors.   This includes potential monthly benefits for spouses, former spouses, children, and students.

Address and Withholding Changes - Here are frequently asked questions and answers about changing your mailing address, direct deposit registration, Federal and State income tax, allotments, or savings bonds withholdings from your annuity payment.