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Performance Management


"Monitoring" means consistently measuring performance and providing ongoing feedback to employees and work groups on their progress toward reaching their goals. Ongoing monitoring provides the opportunity to check how employees are doing and to identify and resolve any problems early.

Staff Recommendations    (What to read when you can't read it all.)



360-Degree Assessment: An Overview (9/97)

An overview of the use of 360-degree feedback. Includes discussion on sources of input, privacy issues, questions, and answers.

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Policy Documents



The Policy Perspective on 360-Degree Assessment (3/96)

Provides a summary of legislative, regulatory, and Governmentwide policies that relate to 360-degree appraisal.

The Policy Perspective on Customer Service Standards (4/96)

Provides a summary of legislative, regulatory, and Governmentwide policies that relate to Customer Service Standards.

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Newsletter Articles



Dispelling Myths about Poor Performers (4/99)

Describes the findings of OPM's study, "Poor Performers in Government: A Quest for the True Story," that examines the common perception that there are too many poor performers in the Federal Government.

Kennedy Space Center Aims High With Its Goal Performance Evaluation System (Winter 2001)

Describes how the Kennedy Space Center uses an innovative interactive software application to plan, manage, and communicate center-wide initiatives.

Performance Management Competencies: Communication Skills (Spring 2001)

Explains why it is important for managers to possess excellent communication skills and why they are essential for effective performance management.

Supervisors in the Federal Government: A Wake-Up Call (Summer 2001)

Reviews an OPM study of the status of agencies' efforts to select, develop, and evaluate first-level supervisors.

Telecommuting Requires Topnotch Performance Management (Winter 2001)

Describes how supervisors can maintain employee performance levels in a telecommuting environment.

Update on Performance-Based Actions (8/97)

Discusses issues dealing with performance-based actions (the reduction in grade or removal of an employee based solely on performance).

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Book Reviews



Designing Feedback: Performance Measures for Continuous Improvement (8/98)

Presents a concise plan for the design, development, and use of feedback in a variety of work settings that includes the use of different types of measures.

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