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Performance Management


"Rating" means evaluating employee or group performance against the elements and standards in an employee's performance plan, summarizing that performance, and assigning a rating of record.

Policy Documents



The Policy Perspective on 360-Degree Assessment(3/96)

Provides a summary of legislative, regulatory, and Governmentwide policies that relate to 360-degree appraisal.

The Policy Perspective on Pass/Fail Assessment(3/96)

Provides a summary of legislative, regulatory, and Governmentwide policies that relate to Pass/Fail Assessment.

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360-Degree Assessment: An Overview(9/97)

An overview of the use of 360-degree feedback. Includes discussion on sources of input, privacy issues, questions, and answers.

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Newsletter Articles



Crediting Performance for Reduction in Force(2/98)

Explains the requirements and explores flexibilities for assigning retention credit for performance in a reduction in force.

Dispelling Myths about Poor Performers(4/99)

Describes the findings of OPM's study, "Poor Performers in Government: A Quest for the True Story," that examines the common perception that there are too many poor performers in the Federal Government.

Improving CPDF's Rating of Record Data(8/99)

Presents the rating patterns available to agencies and describes new edits OPM is implementing to improve the accuracy of the CPDF database.

Internet-Based Performance Management(2/99)

Describes two agencies' success in using the Internet to post information on their award and performance appraisal programs, and gives examples of the type of information they included.

The Performance Management Mailbag(supervising for the minimum appraisal period, 8/99)

Answers the often-asked question about how long an employee must be under the direction of a supervisor before that supervisor can write an annual appraisal.

The Performance Management Mailbag (rating performance that includes approved absences, fall/00)

Explains whether an employee, while out on approved leave, may be held accountable for a work performance standard in their performance appraisal.

The Performance Management Mailbag(assigning a rating of record, Summer 2001)

Discusses who has the authority to assign a rating of record.

Using Electronic Signatures in Performance Appraisal Programs(2/99)

Describes OPM's electronic signature requirements for automated performance appraisals.

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Group Performance



Balancing Individual and Team Measures(6/99)

The National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Mo., shares its experience with moving to a new performance management program designed to strike a balance between appraising individual and team performance.

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360-Degree Appraisals



Multi-Rater Appraisal: What About Confidentiality and Personal Privacy?(8/98)

Explains the impact of the Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act on 360-degree assessments.


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