U.S. Food and Drug Administration
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A sampling of significant events in the Food and Drug Administration's first 100 years and other news of the last century.
FDA Centennial Official Logo Page

Select the Centennial logo below that best fits your requirements.
Clicking on one of the images below will start the logo file downloading to your computer.
Downloads are ZIP files.

Two color FDA Centennial logo One color FDA Centennial logo

The above Centennial logo is 6” in diameter,
300 dpi TIFF PhotoShop file.
Colors match 100 percent Pantone 227 (red) and 100 percent Pantone 288 (blue).

The above Centennial logo is 6” in diameter
300 dpi TIFF PhotoShop file. Color matches
100 percent Pantone 288.

White FDA Centennial Logo
FDA Centennial logo with slogan

The above logo file is shown the same size.
This logo is best used on e-mail communications.

Two Word documents and one vector fileWord document with two color, 300 dpi Centennial logoAdobe Illustrator hi-res vector file of the Centennial logo with slogan

1 color, white Centennial logo with
transparent background, 6” diameter,
PhotoShop TIFF file.

The left file is a Illustrator EPS vector file and on the
right is a PhotoShop TIFF file which is placed in a
Microsoft Word document.

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