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Enterprise Applications

WCD makes enterprise-wide tools available for Department-wide use.

HHS 508 Lab – Humphrey Building, 645F-9
Test documents and Web pages for 508 compliance and accessibility using the WCD collection of assistive and evaluative technologies.
Contact: WCD Consultant or call 202-670-7579 to schedule and appointment

Enterprise Portal
The re-engineered portal features upgraded collaborative software, a secure environment, the ability to work across the firewall, and a metrics package.
Contact: Craig Lafond

OMB Approved Survey (with Persistent Cookies)
Use this survey to identify who is visiting your site, what your visitors’ top tasks are, how satisfied visitors are with your Web site and what suggestion they have for improving it.  Note that we have enterprise-wide approval to use persistent cookies in conjunction with this survey and only with this survey.
Contact: Kathryn Hambleton

Accenture Digital Diagnostics compliance monitor
Check 508 accessibility for individuals with disabilities and detect broken links, spelling errors, slow loading pages, and other problems that affect site usability.
Contact: Kristen Kayatta-Baldwin

Web Content Management System (WCMS)
Use WCMS to facilitate the processes for creation, organization, posting and approval of content. License available to all Divisions.
Contact: Ted Hsieh

OS Tools

Agencies and programs can contact a WCD consultant regarding experiences with specific Web management tools.

E-Mail Subscription Management
WCD contracted with GovDelivery to automatically send personalized e-mail to alert subscribers about new information. This drives site visits and ensures that new information is seen.
Contact:  Kathryn Hambleton

WCD obtains Web site statistics using WebTrends analytics. WCD also uses CrazyEgg for visual supplements to WebTrends data.
Contact:  Kristen Kayatta-Baldwin

Search Engine
WCD uses the Google Enterprise Search Appliance to search across multiple Departmental Web sites to help the public find information and services available across the entire HHS Web. Google search is available for all Division Web sites.
Contact:  David Baker

Video Hosting
WCD contracts with Feedroom, a video hosting service, for on-demand and live-streaming capability including Webcasting.
Contact:  Craig Lafond