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North American Industry Classification System --
Revisions for 2002


NAICS 2002 is the same as NAICS 1997 for fourteen of the twenty sectors. Construction and wholesale trade are substantially changed, but the revisions also modify a number of retail classifications and the organization of the information sector. Very minor boundary adjustments affect administrative and support services and mining.

A Federal Register notice (January 16, 2001) documents the final adoption of the revisions.

The printed NAICS 2002 manual is available from NTIS.

All of the titles, definitions, and index terms are accessible here.


2002 NAICS United States Structure
Code list, full hierarchy, 2- through 6- digits Drill down hypertext ASCII (103kb)
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Correspondence Tables: Drill down hypertext Downloadable Spreadsheets
Table 1 2002 NAICS-US Matched to 1997 NAICS-US xls (1.3mb) zip (129kb)
Table 2 1997 NAICS-US Matched to 2002 NAICS-US
Table 3 2002 NAICS-US Matched to 1987 Standard Industrial Classification xls (386kb) zip (105kb)
Table 4 1987 Standard Industrial Classification Matched to 2002 NAICS-US

Note 1: Tables 1 and 2 in hypertext include only those industries with 1997-2002 changes; downloadable spreadsheet includes all industries.

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NAICS 2002 definitions

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