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The best printer in the world by design.
The fastest LED printer in the world.
ZBE's versatile image submission software.

The Affordable Large-format Minilab
ZBE's revolutionary Chromira ProLab is a professional, high speed, large-format minilab that will meet any imager's small and large format imaging needs.

XY-Cutting, Back-printing & Sorting
Chromira ProLab comes standard with powerful features like XY-Cutting, back-printing, and print sorting of mixed-format orders up to 11x14”.

Daylight Operation & 60"x65"* Footprint

From 3.5x5" prints to 30"x100 ft banners the Chromira ProLab delivers daylight operation and professional quality, with the speed and labor saving productivity never before available in a minilab.

For more on the Chromira ProLab.

* 1.52x1.65m footprint


ProLab Video Tour
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