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U.S. Office of Personnel Management - Ensuring the Federal Government has an effective civilian workforce

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Products and Services

We can assist your agency in building High Performing Organizations by providing cost-effective, results-oriented services and products that help to recruit, develop, and retain the best workforce and leadership talent. We are committed to helping your agency and your employees find cost effective solutions to organizational and personnel needs, including Human Resources Management and Consulting Services, Education and Leadership Development Services, and Investigation Services.

Our organizational systems and solutions can assist your agency in:

Attracting the Best Talent
Optimizing Organizational Performance
Managing HR Systems Technology
Securing Training & Management Assistance
Educating and Developing Leaders
Acquiring Investigation Services
Purchasing Products & Services

“Government likes to begin things—to declare grand new programs and causes. But good beginnings are not the measure of success. What matters in the end is completion. Performance. Results.”

President George W. Bush in an excerpt from The President's Management Agenda.