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Page posted: 2006-05-24

Disaster Evacuation Card Information

This page provides information relating to Disaster Evacuation to be used by ORA personnel in the event of national or local disaster.


Now that we are entering into the hurricane season, and coincidentally during National Hurricane Week, ORO, ORM & EOC with contributions from others, are implementing an Emergency Contact System that includes a web site and a Disaster Evacuation Card that will be sent to Regional contacts. The system is designed to support FDA employees and their families when notification by their local supervisory chain is not feasible due to a disaster or an emergency.

It is expected that these cards will arrive in the regions within the next 10 days, and we are asking the regions to distribute these cards to all FDA personnel stationed in ORA field offices.

The project below was developed in response to a “lessons learned” exercise post Hurricane Katrina, to assist in ORA’s preparedness during hurricane season, and to assist employees in the event of an evacuation due to a disaster.

This system does not supersede standard procedures that apply during an emergency situation and those that involve Emergency Operations.

ORO Field Alert

Title: Emergency Contact System for Disasters Involving Evacuation Directives



The purpose of this Field Alert is to advertise and implement an emergency contact procedure designed to inform, identify, and account for ORA employees displaced by disasters.


To support this initiative a web page has been established that contains guidance on essential materials and equipment that people should consider taking when directed to evacuate. The link also contains general information and links for managing personal and professional business, and will be used in the event of a Disaster as a resource for ORA employees regarding where to report and/or receive additional information.

In the event of an evacuation, the ORA will utilize the Prior Notice Center which is staffed 24/7. Employees involved in a disaster or an evacuation should call 866-521-2297 when they reach a safe location (Note: The Emergency Operations number 301-443-1240 will be used as a backup). Employees that call this number will be asked a series of questions designed to ensure that all employees are accounted for and capture the status of, and track the affected FDA employees. Employees should become familiar with these survey questions that can be found on the link referenced above.

The ORA has also developed a “Disaster Evacuation Card” (DEC) that contains the web page link, and other critical information that employees would need in the case of an evacuation directive. An example of the DEC appears below and will be sent to each Region this week. These cards should subsequently be distributed to all employees.

          Please call the following number when notification of local supervisory
          chain is not feasible due to a disaster or other emergency.
			Alternate #: 1-301-443-1240
			Please be prepared to provide your name, phone numbers, location, and family
		  	For more information and additional questions:

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