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FDA Oral History Program

The oral history program at FDA, which began in the 1970s, has thus far generated approximately 150 oral histories. The interviews, by and large, have been conducted by part-time agency retirees, individuals who have spent their entire careers in FDA and who share similar experiences with those they interviewed.

The resulting dialogues provide personal perspectives on FDA policy, discussion of key regulatory events in FDA's history, and offer candid evaluations of top-level FDA and HHS managers--insights that might not easily be discerned from the official records of the time.

Tapes of the oral histories are deposited in the History of Medicine Division of the National Library of Medicine.

Oral History Collection

A Perspective on FDA Oral Histories

J. Richard Crout, M.D., Director of the Bureau of Drugs (1973 -1982)

William W. Goodrich, Office of the General Counsel (1939-1971)

Alexander M. Schmidt, Commissioner of Food and Drugs (1973-1976)

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