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Executive Director, CHCO Council

Photo of John Salamone
John C. Salamone

John Salamone was appointed as the Executive Director of the Chief Human Capital Officers Council at the Office of Personnel Management in April 2006.  As the Executive Director, he is responsible for directing the daily operations of the Council; serving as a policy and strategic planning advisor to the Chairman and a principal liaison to Council members; and acting as a catalyst for assuring follow-through on Council initiatives. 

From January 2002 – April 2006, John was employed as a Professional Staff Member on the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on the Oversight of Government Management, the Federal Workforce, and the District of Columbia.  John was responsible for federal government oversight, management, and performance issues for the Subcommittee Chairman, Senator George Voinovich.  During his tenure on the Subcommittee, he had the opportunity to work on government-wide legislative issues, including the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act.    

Before joining the Subcommittee, John served as a 1998 Presidential Management Intern (PMI), spending the bulk of his two-year assignment at OPM, where he worked on recruitment and workforce planning issues.  During the PMI program he also conducted a three-month rotational assignment at the National Transportation Safety Board.

From 1992 - 1998, John was employed by Senator Alfonse D'Amato as his Assistant Personnel Director after beginning his tenure as a Community Representative in the Rochester, NY office.  He received his Master's Degree in Public Administration, with a concentration in Management, from George Mason University in 1998.