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Human Resources Line of Business (HR LOB)
HR LOB Benefits & Accomplishments

The Human Resources Line of Business (HR LOB) provides Federal Government the infrastructure to support pay-for-performance systems, modernized HR systems, and the core functionality necessary for the strategic management of human capital. 

Since April 2004, the HR LOB has engaged 24 agencies in defining not only its vision, goals, and objectives, but the common solution, target architecture, and supporting business case. This program offers common solutions that will enable Federal departments and agencies to work more effectively, and it provides managers and executives across the Federal Government improved means to meet strategic objectives.

In April 2005 OPM established the Multi Agency Executive Strategy Committee (MAESC) and its sub-committees to continue the efforts of the inter-agency task force of the previous year. Since that time the MAESC has lead the HR LOB initiative through the following achievements:

The HR LOB is a cross-agency initiative that will have a marked impact on every federal employee. The truly collaborative nature of the HR LOB effort has been reflected in the achievement of each accomplishment. OPM recognizes how vital it is to continue to reach out to the MAESC partner agencies and the Federal Government to collaborate towards achieving the vision of the HR LOB.

The HR LOB initiative has developed a comprehensive concept of operations and service delivery model to guide this transformational effort. The graphic below depicts, at a high level, the HR LOB Shared Services Delivery Model with the core and non-core processes, their placement relative to the agencies and shared service centers, and the supporting architectural artifacts.

Click on the graphic below to download available documents.

Image of the HR LOB Shared Services Delivery Model