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About Us

In support of the President's Management Agenda as well as the E-Gov act of 2002, the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Human Resources Line of Business (HR LOB) Project Management Office and e-Government (e-Gov) initiatives is represented by a group of dedicated, experienced professionals delivering on the promise to better lead, manage and drive enterprise-wide Human Capital Management and Resource execution.

OPM is managing partner to the Human Resources Line of Business as well as five Presidential e-Government initiatives under the Internal Efficiency and Effectiveness portfolio. The OPM e-Gov initiatives consist of a number of components that, together, provide a powerful framework for departments of the Federal Government to consolidate information into a single, trusted framework for execution. These interrelated initiatives support a government worker's life cycle and are composed of E-Clearance, E-Payroll, E-Training, Enterprise Human Resources Integration (EHRI) and Recruitment One Stop (ROS).

The mission of the OPM Human Resources Line of Business Program Management Office is to implement the vision of the Human Resources Line of Business (HR LOB) and also to complete the final graduation of the original five OPM e-Government (E-Gov) initiatives.

The E-Gov Act of 2002 mandated the government pursue opportunities to leverage information technology in a cost effective way to enable the Federal Enterprise to be more citizen-centered and market-driven. OPM’s e-Gov initiatives are a part of the overall twenty-four Governmentwide e-Government initiatives that are authorized by the E-Gov Act of 2002. These e-Government initiatives are an integral part of President Bush's Management Agenda. The US Office of Personnel Management is a managing partner in e-Gov in conjunction with the Office of Management and Budget who administers all e-Government activities for the US Federal Government.

In the spring of 2004, OMB selected OPM as the managing partner for the HR LOB, which is one of the five lines of business established at that time. OPM then formed and led an inter-agency task force of twenty-two agencies that defined the vision, goals and objectives of the HR LOB. The vision of the HR LOB is, “Governmentwide, modern, cost-effective, standardized, and interoperable HR solutions providing common, core functionality to support the strategic management of human capital.”  Since April 2004, the HR LOB has engaged over 24 agencies in defining not only its vision, goals, and objectives, but the common solution, target architecture, and supporting business case. This program offers common solutions that will enable Federal departments and agencies to work more effectively, and it provides managers and executives across the Federal Government improved means to meet strategic objectives.” The HR LOB is revolutionizing the way HR services are delivered throughout the Federal Government.  Through its support of the President’s Management Agenda (PMA) to make government more responsive and cost-effective, HR LOB is slated to help the Federal Government realize cost savings of $1.1 billion.   These and other groundbreaking efforts have been recognized at the highest levels of government.

In September 2004, the HR LOB director, e-Gov initiative Project Managers and HR LOB Task Force representatives were presented with a letter of commendation from President George W. Bush citing their diligent efforts in advancing the PMA to expand electronic government.