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InstallNET Web Site with Member Portals and Personalized Dashboards

InstallNET is the premier membership network of buyers and sellers of furniture installation services in the United States.  InstallNET came to Matrix Group with a sophisticated customer extranet system by which customers could send InstallNET a request for quote with attached SIF, GIZA, CAD, and other drawings or specification files. But once the customer request was received, the interactions between InstallNET and furniture installers were largely offline. Matrix Group helped InstallNET put the entire customer and furniture installer portal on the Web, updated the company's branding, and redesigned InstallNET's Web site to better serve the its target audiences.

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Alabama AGC logo

A new Matrix Group client, Alabama Associated General Contractors is a powerful voice in state and national politics and is dedicated to building a better future for the construction industry and its members. More

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