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April 23, 1998


SUBJECT: Participation of Federal Employees in Volunteer Activities

President Clinton has signed a memorandum for heads of departments and agencies requesting that you reexamine the ways in which the Federal Government can support its employees' commitment to community service and ensure that all employees are aware of the various flexibilities available to them to participate in volunteer activities. (See Attachment 1.)

The President has directed Federal departments and agencies to review their work scheduling practices and to make maximum use of existing flexibilities, when possible, to allow Federal employees to plan and take time off to perform community service. Each department and agency should review the extent to which alternative work schedules are authorized and encouraged to allow Federal employees to participate in volunteer activities. Likewise, each department and agency is directed to review its policies and practices for granting employees annual leave, leave without pay, credit hours under flexible work schedules, and compensatory time off, where appropriate, to perform community service.

The President's memorandum directs each department and agency to report to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) within 90 days on the steps that have been taken to grant Federal employees time off to perform community service. Attachment 2 provides guidance on the flexibilities that may be used for granting Federal employees time off to participate in volunteer activities. Agency reports are due to OPM by July 21, 1998.

By direct involvement in community activities, I believe Federal employees can become an invaluable resource in the effort to make our country a better place to live.