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United States Department of Health & Human Services

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Mission Statement

DAB's mission is to provide the best possible dispute resolution services for the people who appear before us, those who rely on our decisions, and the public.

The following principles guide us:

  • We provide a great work environment for each other, we treat each other with respect, and we take pride in what each of us, and all of us, do.
  • We are fair and impartial, and we always try to assure that our customers perceive us so.
  • We do our job as promptly as possible.
  • We deliver products which are thorough, well-reasoned and written in concise, clear English.
  • We value creativity and innovation, and we always seek better ways to do things in every part of our job.
  • We each take personal responsibility for assuring that customers' needs are met.
  • We help parties economize in case preparation.
  • We empower parties to narrow and resolve issues on their own or with the help of mediation or other alternative dispute resolution.

Last revised: November 20, 2003


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