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Managing HR Systems Technology

USA Staffing-The Automated Solution for Public Sector Hiring

The USA Staffing web-based system is the most cost-effective means of getting the best-qualified candidates for public sector hiring in a single, integrated software solution. The complex staffing process of the public sector is simplified with this user-friendly, web-enabled software that completely automates the recruitment, assessment, referral, and notification processes.

USA Staffing automatically:

  • Generates vacancy announcements
  • Posts vacancy announcements on USAJOBS
  • Accepts applications via Internet, phone, or fax
  • Analyzes applicant competencies and qualifications
  • Rates and ranks job applicants
  • Covers all available hiring flexibilities
  • Produces and updates certificates
  • Notifies applicants
  • Manages applicant records
  • Meets all regulatory requirements and can be adapted for agency specific procedures

If you want to take advantage of our expertise contact:

Dianna Saxman
Chief, Automated Systems Management Group
Center for Talent Services
U.S. Office of Personnel Management
Phone: 215-362-3154

To learn more about the following topics, contact us at the address above.

  • Introducing USA Staffing
  • The OPM Database of Competencies
  • How will USA Staffing increase my organization's efficiency?
  • How will USA Staffing meet my organization's needs?
  • Why is USA Staffing a good value?