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Staffing, Recruiting, Examining, and Assessment Policy

Qualification Standards and Policy

This section provides general regulations and guidance for consideration of job applicants for Federal employment.

  • Citizenship (5 CFR Part 7, §7.3) and Employment of Non-Citizens Information for agencies considering non-citizens for Federal employment. Agencies must follow the usual selection procedures and the requirements of the immigration law, the appropriations act ban on paying certain non-citizens, an executive order restriction on appointing non-citizens in the competitive service, and the agency's authorization and appropriations laws.

  • Draft Qualification Standards - Recent Draft Qualification Standards for review and comment.

  • Medical Requirements - Information about fitness and ability requirements that must be met by applicants for and employees in Federal Government positions.

  • Qualification Requirements (5 CFR Part 338) - Regulatory language regarding citizenship, competitive service appointment, and the prohibition of maximum-age requirements.

  • Qualification Standards for General Schedule Positions - The Operating Manual for agencies to use in qualifying applicants for Federal Government positions.

  • Superior Academic Achievement - A provision that covers advanced trainee positions for students who have achieved superior academic standing as evidenced by the methods described.

  • Wage Grade Qualification System for Labor and Trades Occupations - A job element method used to match what applicants can do against what the work calls for. The knowledge, skills, and abilities of applicants are compared with the knowledge, skills, and abilities (called job elements) needed for success. If applicants have the ability to do the work, they are considered eligible for the job.