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Video Library

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Federal Government Web Sites

Food Safety & Food Defense

* 6/97 Video Library (FDA)

* Image and Video Libraries (FSIS)

Federal Government/Private Sector Partnership Web Sites

Responding to an Outbreak of Foodborne Disease

* Food Safety Grand Rounds -- Food Safety: A Challenge for Everyone in Public Health
Satellite broadcast and web cast (January 26, 2001, 2:00-3:00 pm)

Food Safety Education

*05/01 Dr. X and the Quest for Food Safety
Interactive Video (46:00 min)(FDA)

* Food Safety Educator's Kit for Grades 4-6
(Partnership for Food Safety Education)(5:25 min)

* Fight BAC! Public Service Announcement (closed captioned) (also in Cantonese; Korean; Mandarin; Spanish; Vietnamese)
(Partnership for Food Safety Education)(30 sec)

State and Local Government Web Sites

Food Workers and Food Service

* 11/06 Cultural Competency Videos (Environmental Health Services, Maricopa County, Arizona)

* Roasted Duck (3:12 min)
* Tripas (2:39 min)
* Tacos Al Pastor (3:45 min)
* Carne Seca and Machaca (3:00 min)
* Carnitas (1:57 min)
* Cecina (2:08 min)
* Chicharrones con carne (3:03 min)
* Chicharrones (3:03 min)
* Chorizo & Longaniza (2:55 min)
* Egg Rolls (4:34 min)
* Fried Rice (2:55 min)

* 1999 HACCP: Seven Steps to Food Safety (6:20 min) (Cooperative Extension Service, North Dakota) - an overview of HACCP for the foodservice industry

Food Safety Education

* 2/04 Food Protection Program Video Library (Department of Public Health, Seattle-King County, Washington)

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